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Jason Bajada launches a ‘digital 45’, two songs as a solid preview of a new double album (20 songs) to be released this Fall: Loveshit II – Blondie & The Backstabberz. Discover both sides of the upcoming record with Blondie and In What World Do You Savages Live Where You Thought I’d Be Cool?

After two layovers in French (Volcano in 2016 and Le résultat de mes bêtises in 2013), it is in English that the new compositions of Jason Bajada emerged. His songwriting process was intense and emotionally charged; the artist opened himself completely to wade across a difficult life chapter:

After the fall, the rise…and then the fall again.

Loveshit II should have been one chapter. The idea had been to make a single heartbreak record documenting a lovestruck hell as well as the collateral damage surrounding it. The backstabbing, the volcanos, the psychological violence, the cheating, the lost friendships, suicidal tendencies, and a visit to the hospital.

Then came the idea to make “Blondie”. It was meant to be a lighthearted counterpunch to all the heaviness. Being alive again, if only for a moment. Until that backfired.

All I can say is that this album literally saved my life.
Gave me something to look forward to, to create.
From the emergency room to the studio…

…what doesn’t kill you makes you songwrite.

Jason xx

« Notre travail prend tout son sens grâce aux artistes : des passionnés, communicateurs d’émotions peignant des tableaux sonores qui nous font voyager. À nous de les exposer et les faire rayonner! »

- Jean-François Blanchet, président